Chandra SPA

A journey into pleasure...

  • Massage
  • Reflexology
  • Vichy Shower
  • Body Treatments
  • Stone Therapy
  • Aromatherapy
  • Facial Treatments
  • Eye Treatment
  • Reiki

Renewal, relaxation, warmth and well-being for body and soul …
This is what we offer at the Spa at QUINTA DAS VISTAS

Picture this: The blue Madeiran Sea, a warm breeze that whispers through the trees, a continuity with nature that extends through verdant native outdoor gardens to embrace a fine semi covered swimming pool and surrounding relaxation areas, while necks and shoulders are caressed and soothed by the whirlpool spa that offers lush views over the bay of Funchal.

An impossible dream? The CHANDRA SPA brings those sought-after qualities even closer, with a diverse menu of choice and several environments each inspired by DIFFERENT CULTURES and personalized to the lifestyle of each guest.

Based in a hotel that takes its visitors’ well-being seriously, guests will actually be able to spa-hop – sampling an Inspired Tropical Rain Massage one day, an Asian-inspired treatment the next day, followed by indigenous relaxing or revitalizing herbal body wraps and facials. Our extensive menu includes a comprehensive spa golf program, a Mexican Hot Stone massage, sensorial shower, Hammam experience, group workouts, Yoga and Meditation and several other thrilling experiences!

At Chandra Spa, the world of renewal, indulgence and pampering is yours... and ours.

The Chandra approach to physical and spiritual health is both holistic and sensual, based on “high-touch low-tech” concept that celebrates the human touch and makes use of aromatic oils and freshly prepared indigenous ingredients. Our Spa team was specially handpicked and have undergone many hours of specialized training so you may enjoy a truly ultimate Spa experience.

The most recent addition in the world of well being and beauty Spa’s are the chocolate-based treatments.

This irresistible temptation, once applied contours your body shape by toning your skin.

Bio chemically, chocolate is a synonym of pleasure, joy, harmony, emotional stability and relaxation!

Cocoa Facial Experience

Delight in the wonder of Chocolate Facial skincare; a specially formulated skin care with a very special ingredient, chocolate. Suited to all types of skins even the most sensitive ones.

Enjoy the aromas of chocolate, caramel, strawberry, rose and mint. This facial experience contains active ingredients carefully selected from natural resources to help restore your skin’s natural balance.

Cocoa Body Experience

One of our signature chocolate treats!
We combine a gentle body exfoliation with cocoa bean husks and walnut shells with a softening Cocoa Body Moisturiser with excellent results on your skin… not to mention the delicious aroma during the treatment!