Restaurants & Bars

Restaurant Bacchus
The Gourmet Restaurant “Bacchus” at Quinta do Estreito provides a choice of two distinct atmospheres. It has a very creative cuisine and uses fresh products selected by the Chef Lidia who carefully combines them with the regional elements of our gastronomy.

The Bacchus main room is decorated in warm and comfortable colours, the perfect setting for the culinary treats we have in store for you.

The winter garden
A non-smoking area, light and airy with a spring like decor, also very charming, creating a fresher and more relaxed atmosphere.

Open for dinner.

Restaurant Adega da Quinta
Specially created for a different gastronomic event, the “Adega da Quinta” Restaurant at Quinta do Estreito serves Madeira’s typical country food. It's in the perfect position for stunning views over the coast. Close by is the original wine cellar with barrels of Madeira wine, “ginja” and local brandy in a restored stone house.

It has two rooms with glass walls and is comfortably situated just before the old wine cellar and the charming open kitchen with fire place.

Open for lunch and dinner.

Cypress Bar
In a tropical atmosphere, extremely pleasant, this bar serves drinks and snacks at the pool area.

Open for snacks during pool opening times.

Vintage Bar
Located in the old manor house on the upper floor, this bar is the ideal place for an aperitif before dinner or a social evening on one of Madeiras warm nights.
The “Royal Tea” can be served inside or outside on the panoramic veranda.